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Welcome to the world of shared services where people can access resources and services in a community or globally in an affordable and convenient way.

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cycle share

Shared transportation

From ridesharing to helicopter ride shared services made transportation easier and cheaper than ever.

Shared Accommodation


Apartment/ house renting and sharing, couch surfing creates opportunities to find out cheapest to luxurious options anywhere.

Shared office/ Coworking space

Coworking spaces reduce the cost of office space storage to professionals by sharing with others who don’t have a large business or need a temporary space.

Our testimonials

The sharing economy blows up the industrial model of companies owning and people consuming. Happy to be a part of the change.
Kazi Fahmid Hasan
Designer & Developer
I believe, the shared economy is the future and we all like to be a part of it. WhistleBee is the number 1 platform to spread the news. All for shared benefit.
Founder & Manager
WhistleBee is a successful outcome of extensive ongoing research on Shared Economy. WB not only provides you the opportunity to share what you have but also enables you to find everything that you need to fulfill your day-to-day needs.
Syeda Sonia Akter
Market Analyser


Aug 06
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May 24
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Sharing Economy is an economic model that focuses on sharing the already available…